How A Sky Light Can Transform Your Attic Into An Observatory

How A Sky Light Can Transform Your Attic Into An Observatory

Roofs are mostly meant to be functional. They are there to protect your home from the elements and hey, you literally do pay to keep a roof over your head. However, you can get creative with your roof and have it serve yet one more purpose – admiring the universe.

Some people like to sit up on their roofs to gaze at the stars, but depending on the structure and integrity of it, it may not be very safe to get up there. However, there is one way to star gaze and still be very comfortable.

With a sky light, you can transform an attic space into an observatory, especially if you place it in just the right spot so that your view is not obstructed by trees or neighboring buildings. Just imagine how many nights of wonder you’ll spend under a big open window as you lie comfortably on a recliner or bed and count shooting stars.

On nights when you just want to share some quiet time with your loved ones, a clear view of the sky may compel everyone to put their cell phones away and just admire the beauty of the night sky.

If you’re not sure whether this is something that can be added to your home, we can help. You may also want us to have a look to see whether you need any other upgrades in order to keep your home energy efficient and well-protected against inclement weather.

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