13 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

13 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

It is important to have a pleasant shelter, and this is facilitated by well maintained and repaired roofing. It is, therefore, very critical for Southern California residents to make replacements in their roofing systems when it’s due time. You don’t have to carry out any professional assessments to know when to replace the roof; however with the following simple observations you can easily determine if your roof needs replacement.


Although a leak could just be repaired without replacing an entire roof, by itself, it is a great sign that your roof is worn out. It indicates that the roof’s flashing, a metal that prevents water intrusion, is in need of immediate attention. A leak should be taken care of as soon as it is noticed, since ignorance or leaving repair for a later date will just lead to more havoc. Leaks have been seen to drastically reduce the life span of roofs since they gather mold and other destructive bacteria.


Curling Shingles

Any time you notice that your roof shingles have curled and bent upwards, and in some instances underneath themselves, know that your roofing needs attention. There are various reasons that make shingles curl including improper installations, defective materials, as well as improper attic ventilation. A roof consisting of curled shingles can never protect you against the South California’s winds and cold during winter; this, therefore, calls for instant roof replacement.


Growth of Algae

Spores of algae are transported via air, and anytime they land on something dumpy, they latch and start growing. They grow rapidly and spread fast. Algae on your roof are a sign that your roof needs attention and further ignorance might reduce its life expectancy. You can easily scrub off and clean algae off your roof. You can also place zinc strips to remove algae. Replacing the roof might also take care of the problem for good.


Deterioration of Sheathing of a Roof

Destruction of the sheath of a roof can be brought about by either molds or algae. It can be a major sign that your roof requires an immediate replacement. Algae and moulds always lead to decaying of the roof sheathing, which is the connection between the shingles and the rafters. If by any chance this connection is damaged, your roof would be more vulnerable to loss. Signs of roof sagging should also be addressed since they can lead to collapsing of a weak roof.

Peeling of Paint

Blistering and peeling of outside paint on the roof is another sign that shows your roof is in need of repair. Although most people tend to ignore this sign, it is a gradual step to roof destruction.


Age of the Roof

With constant repairs on leakages, molds and algae, you might fail to notice some of the signs noted above. However, your roof might still be requiring a replacement. With the knowledge of how old your home roof is, you can avoid any later embarrassments by repairing it in advance. It is recommended that a roof last for 12 to 20 years. If your roof is already 20 or about to hit 20, it is the high time you considered making replacements.

Chimney Flashing

If your chimney consists of roof cement or tar, it is a sign that your roof might require a quick replacement. Incorporate a watertight material, maybe a sheath.


Shingle Granules on Gutter

Make regular observations on the gutter to see if there will be any signs of shingle granules. Roofs often lose more granules as they get older. If you spot any granules, that is a sign that your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, and you should consider making a complete roof replacement.


Sunshine Through Roof Boards

Go into your attic to see if by any chance you will notice any daylight coming through the boards. An old and worn out board that needs repair will definitely let in daylight, but if it is intact then, it is still in good condition.

Buckling Roof

There are a number of reasons as to why this might occur; one of them being incorrect laying-down of underlayment, new shingles getting placed on old ones and incorrect installation of roof deck. These are serious problems, that if neglected could see extreme damage of your roof. You will need to make a replacement fast enough with the help of a professional repairer.


Damaged Flashing

If the metal that protects your roof from water invasion is damaged, you may need to do a fast replacement. Flashing systems work by deferring water flow from the home other than letting it get absorbed by the roofing or underlayment. It is, therefore, a very crucial aspect of the roof and without it, more damage would be experienced on other parts of the roof and house as well. You must replace a compromised sheathing to protect your home from further water damage.

Stained Ceilings

If by any chance you notice water stains in your home ceiling, be sure that there is a problem with your roof. This may be as a result of aged roofs or poor underlayment fitting. You don’t have to replace the ceiling or repaint it to remove the stains, get to the cause of the stained ceilings, and in this case it is the roofing. After examining it thoroughly, you will notice the cause of the leak, which might require repair or replacement of the roofing.


Missing Shingles

You can also note that the roof needs repair if you spot any missing, cracked and torn shingles. These damaged shingles weaken the ability of the roof to shed water; the missing shingles can be an entry point of water into your home.


All these faults are brought about by various factors including excessive winds, physical damage, age as well as poor constructions. Whichever the reason that led to your home’s roof damage, you may need to act promptly and repair the roof where necessary, the moment you spot any of the above signs. If the damage is beyond repair, you will then seek assistance from a professional to make a complete roof replacement.

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