We Are One Of A Few Roofers In Los Angeles That Install Standing Seam Metal Roofs

We Are One Of A Few Roofers In Los Angeles That Install Standing Seam Metal Roofs

We have been providing roofing services here in the Los Angeles area for more than 85 years and we are the best standing seam metal roofer in the area.

What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Allow us to explain to you exactly what a “Standing Seam Metal Roof” is. This will enable you to make a wise and informed investment, because it truly is an investment from a longevity perspective as well as an aesthetic perspective.

It is important to point out that, even if you have a different type of roof currently, your roof can be retrofitted to accommodate a standing seam metal roof.

What Is It Made From?

Unsurprisingly, a standing seam metal roof is made of metal. These metal sheets are made from various kinds of metals and metal blends. Zinc, aluminum and steel are the most commonly used metals.

Fitting the Pieces TogetherMetal Sheets



The main roofing component is metal sheets that come in various, customizable widths and lengths. Think of a very wide and shallow square U, that is the basic shape of the standing seam metal sheets.

Two of these metal sheets are joined together lengthwise so any precipitation will run smoothly down the surface. A special seaming tool is used to create a seam that is elevated above the sheet. The elevation above the sheet surface, and the tightness of the seam prevents water intrusion. It is also possible to improve the water tightness by adding a butyl seal.

This means that even in the case of a severe downpour (unlikely in LA, but it does happen especially with the El Nino conditions we’re experiencing) which creates the unlikely event of the water depth exceeding the height of the Standing Seams, water intrusion will still not occur.

By now, you probably realize why this method is called a standing seam metal roof. The seams, which forms a series of attractive parallels, are not flush with the sheets, but are raised or “standing”.

Generally, the width of the metal panels vary between 12 inches and 19 inches. The length of a sheet is virtually unlimited. This means that your roof will have absolutely zero horizontal seams. This is very important to keep in mind as it provides bullet-proof water resistance that you don’t get from other types of roofing surfaces.

Seam Fasteners



The sheets are fastened to the roof with seam fasteners. These are underneath the sheets which means that they are not visible at all (this contributes to the overall “clean” aesthetic appeal of this kind of roof).  The seam fasteners vary in height. Generally the lowest ones measure at about 0.5” and the tallest fasteners are around 1.5”.

Apart from the very obvious function of securely fastening the roofing sheets to the structure, seam fasteners also play a very important role in allowing for thermal movement that naturally occurs as a result of the expansion and contraction as the metal heats up or cools down.

Pasadena might not experience sub-zero temperatures, but the hot summers of Los Angeles means that there will be quite a bit of thermal movement. If this movement was not allowed for, the screws would be worked loose over time.


Advantages of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

  • Super Leak-Proof: Irrespective to the kind of material you use for roofing, each and every seam is potential water entry point. The fact that the seam is raised or “standing” above the level of the metal sheets (and the sheets themselves run a very long distance) means that leaks are incredibly unlikely to occur.
  • Durability to Last a Lifetime: Metal roofs outlast any other product available on the market. Generally metal roofs are said to last at least 50 years. 75 years is not unheard of and there have been verified cases of metal roofs lasting for more than a 100 years!
    If you take into account how much the quality of metal has improved since a hundred years ago, especially with respect to being resistant to oxidation, (rust), you will agree that it is highly unlikely that you will have to replace the roof again for the res of your life!
  • Environmentally Friendly / “Green”: Metal roofs are environmentally friendly in various ways. Firstly the whole roof can be recycled. The metal can be melted down and used again. Secondly, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers metal roofs to be very “cool”. No, they are not talking about making a fashion statement, although these roofs are cool in that regard as well. Metal roofs, painted in a lighter color, will prevent solar heat gain because they reflect away the heat. This in turn means lower cooling costs for you!
  • Unique Design Element: The straight lines resulting from this roofing method add a unique and desirable aesthetic that you don’t see too often. As the “retro-industrial look” gains in popularity you will continue to see more people opting for standing seam roofs!
  • Wide Variety of Color Options: Metal roofs come pre-painted in a wide array of colors. Whereas most roof types come in neutral or earthy colors, metal roofs have a much broader and more brilliant color selection with a lot of potential for customizability.
  • Extremely Low Maintenance: These roofs are, to use a computer expression, plug-and-play. Once installed they require very, very little maintenance.
  • Add and Retain Value: When most people are selling their house the buyer will ask you about how old your roof is and use your roof’s age as a negotiating point saying “well, I’m gonna have to replace that roof in a couple years and that’s gonna be a big expense so why don’t we knock the price down to…”.  With standing seam metal roofs that negotiation point is completely invalidated.  So, whenever you decide to sell your place, you are going to end up with more money in your pocket.



  • Fewer Contractors Install Metal Roofs: There are a million guys in Los Angeles that install asphalt, tile and the other popular roof types but it takes a special type of expertise to install a metal roof.  We have developed our expertise over 85+ years so you can be assured that we are absolute experts in our craft.
  • Not Suitable for Flat Roofs: Generally, suppliers do not advise installing a standing seam metal roofs where the pitch is less than 2:12. (This means 2 feet of vertical rise for each 12 feet of horizontal length.)  The good thing is, if your pitch is very low or flat there is the potential to add some slope (give us a call 1-800-303-0766 or email us at hello@jndavis.com and we can talk about this more).
  • Cost: Standing seam metal roofs are not the cheapest on the market but they are considered to be the most valuable. Firstly, standing seam metal roofs last forever so they add immediate resale value to your house. Secondly, you save on maintenance costs as they are dead-simple to maintain (unlike many of the other materials).  Thirdly, standing seam metal roofs can be coated with a light color so that they reflect away a ton of heat and save you money on utility bills all year long!

The End of your Roofing Issues

Installing a standing seam metal roof will mean the end of most of your roofing issues for many years to come. JN Davis Roofing provides superior quality and guaranteed work done by experienced craftsmen.

Give us a call at 1-800-303-0766 or email us at hello@jndavis.com if you want to talk more about standing seam metal roofs!

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