How Your Roof Took a Beating From the Summer Sun

How Your Roof Took a Beating From the Summer Sun

Seems like every year, the weather is staying hotter a lot longer than it used to. In fact, it’s supposed to be fall in Southern California, but it seems like summer weather is extending its visit and bringing with it 90-100 degree weather. This holds some startling implications for older roofs, and we have some things you should think about as inclement weather approaches.

We recently experienced a sudden downpour, but it only lasted less than two days. Still, it was enough for homes, schools, and businesses to realize which parts of their roofs were vulnerable. In other words, leaks!

The hot sun beats down on roofs and if you’re wondering whether yours has been effected, here are some changes you might notice to the shingles:

  • Curling
  • Warping
  • Cracking
  • Signs of Decay


Shingles do require some upkeep, especially if they’re outdated or have just been put to the test for over 20 years. When the shingles start to fall apart, so does the strength of your roof. You don’t want to let it get worse, so it helps to have an expert give you a fair assessment and an estimate. This will help you plan ahead so that you keep the elements from coming indoors, especially if it starts to rain hard again.

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