Creating Aesthetic Beauty With Your Roof

Creating Aesthetic Beauty With Your Roof

According to Economic Anthropology, houses should avoid symmetry but still aim for proportions that are pleasing to the human eye. A roof can be used to hide the second story of a home, allowing the viewer to focus on different aspects of the building rather than making comparisons between the first floor and the second one. Homes that have too much symmetry and don’t use their roof wisely tend to look blocky and unfriendly, or even out of place among other houses. Balance is key.

To make the elements of a house come together well as a whole, using scaling or creating a specific style are great options. If a home’s style is set in place before design begins, then it’s much easier to create a picture that looks and feels like it was planned to be a cohesive unit.

If a home seems like it doesn’t belong with the other buildings in the neighborhood, it can be seen as an inappropriate eyesore. Especially in the San Gabriel Valley area, houses should avoid looking like mansions and should instead focus on using proportions to organize its volume. This makes the home seem more contained and less extravagant.

That’s why it’s important to hire the right kinds of experts to ensure that your house avoids “mansionization” and other problems that may cause other residents to complain about your house’s appearance. Hiring someone to make sure your space is utilized to its full potential will guarantee that you as a homeowner live comfortably in your neighborhood.

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