Be Ahead of Everyone in the Green Game

Be Ahead of Everyone in the Green Game

Green roofs just might be the way of the future. It turns out that green roofs are great for heat insulation and especially for storm-water retention, according to Ashwani Vasishth in a recent issue of Sustainability magazine.

Roof-top gardens, also known as “green roofs,” are helpful in managing storm-water runoff, building temperatures, heat, and local wildlife habitats. Wow! That’s a lot of work for one little garden!

Because cities are getting bigger and bigger, more and more trees are being cut down in the name of progress. In order to give back to the environment, you can integrate natural vegetative matter into your roof. Just putting a few inches of garden base over your regular roof can make a big difference!

Extensive green roofs are easy to install and protect your house from the normal wear-and-tear of Mother Nature.

Intensive green roofs aren’t as practical for modern living, but you can invite people up to enjoy your plants, fountains, benches, and whatever else you think will make your roof be the best it can be.

Instead of being seen as a burden, these days green roofs are now seen as a great addition to your home. This is particularly because it helps with waterproofing your house where it counts the most. You can get a minimum of a 50% runoff reduction when it comes to storm-water retention.

Green roofs protect your home from the elements by allowing nature to take care of you. Your beautiful plants will absorb sunshine and rain, thus allowing them to grow while preventing these damaging elements from getting to your roof. It’s a win-win situation!

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