4 Scary Reasons To Fix Your Leaky Roof ASAP

4 Scary Reasons To Fix Your Leaky Roof ASAP

You’ve already got a lot to do around the house, but a leaky roof is something you want to make a priority. It’s especially easy to forget about the leak while the weather is pleasant, but that one bad rainy day is going to come around and you’ll start to smell the moisture and see the stains on your ceiling.

Here are four scary reasons you’ll want to get that roof fixed pronto:

1. MOLD – You don’t like it on your bread or cheese, so why do you want to breathe it into your lungs? Moisture will enter your home through a leak in the roof and will accumulate. Eventually, this creates mold and the spores will be in the air. Pay particularly close attention if you’ve noticed some respiratory issues or allergies. It could be the changing seasons, or there could just be gross mold in the air. Here is a picture to give you an idea of how bad mold can get. You may want to cover your eyes if you have a sensitive stomach:


Your home probably won’t get this bad, but there will still be something in the air causing you some physical discomfort.

2. Big Bad Stains – After a strong storm, your roof can accumulate enough rain water to gather into a nasty puddle that will eventually cause a gross yellow or orange stain on your ceiling. You might ignore it at first when it’s just a barely noticeable spot, but eventually, it will get bigger and spread across the ceiling. This is especially an issue if there is a leak gathering in your attic or crawlspace.

3. Damaging Drips – When enough moisture gathers in one spot, it’ll find its way through your ceiling and onto your personal belongings. If you happen to not be home the day that there’s a downpour, you’ll be really upset if you come home and find that the drip occurred right over your electronics or over any furniture holding important personal belongings. At this point, not even a pot to collect the water will be enough to get you through the rainy season.

4. Fungus – In some cases, the moisture mixes with other elements and you start to see thin fungus growing out of the cracks in the ceiling. It’s an unpleasant surprise that will make your skin crawl and it looks something like this:


Chances are, you’re not trying to grow your own indoor garden, so getting the roof checked for leaks and repaired is the best decision you can make for the longevity of your property.

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